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Recession, Economic downturn are some of the events that can put your business to the test. Surviving in hard times requires a steely determination and never-say-quit attitude. But in today’s swift and merciless marketplace, more is needed than a winner’s attitude.

Keeping this in mind we organized a Webinar to discuss "What, as a photographer and filmmakers, we can do now so that it will be easy for us to bounce back when this is all over (Covid - 19 Pandemic). The Webinar was a closed group of 6 Photographers and Filmmakers from around the country where we discussed many ideas to keep our business running. Below is a summary of the webinar.


L-R : Abhishek Sanyal, Adarsh Yede, Aman Joshi, Gaurav Jagtap, Neeraj Mishra, Sameer Lakra

1. Keep the Portfolio Updated

As a photographer, you must have a portfolio of work. Creating a strong, professional portfolio will attract clients and create interest in your art or business. Think about it. Why are you creating a portfolio in the first place? Are you using one to bring in more clients?

Over the years, you will create different portfolios, of varying amounts of images, sizes, and types. This is because your audience will change. Your images need to reflect what you can do, purposely chosen for what your audience wants to see. I wouldn’t take my documentary photography portfolio to show a client who is looking for interior photographs.

The hardest step can be to choose the style of your portfolio. People can get stuck at this stage and end up abandoning the portfolio. The best way to gain inspiration is to look at other people's portfolios. How many images do they have? Are they a series of work or a collection of images that work well together?

Look at your competitors and imagine how you can set yourself apart. Is your style strong and developed enough? You may find that your competitors may be applying for the same work or clients, so it is important not to walk in with the same images.

Your Portfolio can be anywhere like Instagram or your personal website. Apart from all social media, you must have register yourself in wedding portals like WedMeGood, ShaadiSaga, or The reason being, nowadays people look for wedding vendors on these websites, therefore, it will be easy for them to find you and give you a call.

2. Why Google Business for Photographers

When people search for your name or for photography businesses like yours, your listing could appear in Google web search and Google Maps, helping you bring in your customers. Google My Business is a free service that simply lets you claim a business listing on Google.

If you are not listed in Google My Business, I would personally suggest you to list yourself asap. It has a step by step process (guided) which will help you to get your photography business listed. You can also take some technical help for Local SEO work.

3. Learn New Skill(s)

The Covid-19 lockdown is the best time for individuals to work on learning skills that are high in demand and grow professionally in their careers as well as discover new interests by joining the e-learning platform.

Sameer Lakra (One of the Webinar Member) is learning the art of editing the videos. He shoots some videos at home and tries to edit it.

If I consider myself, I am learning Album Designing. I was not an expert in this genre and I used to rely on designers for this job, but now I have time, I am taking online classes for the same. I know in the long run it will help in one way or the other.

4. Maintaining Social Media Accounts and Keeping Them Active

There’s no denying that these are tough times. When times are tough, it’s really common for us to struggle with what to say, particularly on social media.

According to eMarketer, Facebook saw a 70% increase in the usage of all of its apps in the month of March. People are turning to these apps to keep them entertained, connected, and informed while they’re spending more time at home.

Keeping the data in mind, we can upload all our photography stuff to keep our audience up to date with us. We can re-edit old wedding images with new and fresh editing style. We can even edit the old wedding videos and experiment with some funky music and upload it to social media to keep our audience engaged.

But remember: this is brand new territory for all us (including myself). No one is an expert in how to market your business on social media through a global pandemic. Keep Experimenting with all the marketing tips and tricks available on google.

5. Catch up with Old Clients

Everyone would agree in principle that maintaining customers once they are part of your client base is fundamental. With time, your customers build up a relationship with your company and consequently develop a sense of loyalty. They are therefore more open to any changes that your company implements and more understanding than new customers might be of any errors or delays.

While you are re-editing the old data of your client(s) as discussed in point 3, you can share that data with that client. I am sure they will be happy to see their wedding image once again with refresh editing. You can also extend the conversation after you send them their images.

Good communication works both ways. It is important to allow customers to express their views on your products or services and to make suggestions about what improvements can be made. This ‘feedback’ could reveal some common feelings among large numbers of customers and imply that some modifications need to be made. Customers who see that you are acting on their comments will feel valued and continue to communicate in this constructive way.

Well, above were the points we discussed in our 1st Webinar. For more, you can have a look into the full webinar video below. I am sure it will be informative for you. For more information, you can directly connect with us.

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