How to Be Photogenic on Your Wedding Day

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

If you are like most brides, your wedding day may be the first occasion on which you have a professional photoshoot! So, don’t be surprised if you are nervous about the whole experience. Fortunately, a little planning and preparation can help you be your photogenic best and have wedding photos that look amazing.

1. Book a Trial Photoshoot

A trial photoshoot is a great idea for several reasons, as you will see here. When you book a trial photo session, you find out what to expect at your wedding photoshoot.  It gives you the opportunity to become familiar with your wedding photographer’s style of working. Once you strike a rapport with your photographer, you will find it easier to follow his instructions and pose as he suggests on your wedding day. Most of the photographers now days offer free trial shoot, all you need to do is ask them and I am sure they will do the needful.

2. Practice a pose or two

Although you may never have participated in a professional photo shoot before, you will have taken plenty of other photos. Take a look at your favorites. Identify the profile and angles that highlight your best features in these pictures. Use this as a guide to recognizing your most flattering poses. Then practice in front of the mirror, so you can settle into them quickly when it is time to say cheese!

3. Choose your makeup carefully

Certain cosmetics do not look good in pictures. So, be careful when you choose your wedding day makeup. We suggest that you have a trial makeup session as well, and see how your choice of makeup translates in pictures. Snap photos of your bridal look in different lights. This will allow you to make necessary changes if you aren’t happy with the results you see. Be careful when using bronzer, fake tans, and glitter, as these don’t usually turn out well in pictures. On your wedding day, use slightly more makeup than you usually do. However, try to keep the look natural. Don’t experiment with drastic colors and extreme trends to avoid a dated look in your wedding photos.

4. Be comfortable

Some poses can make you uncomfortable, and this will reflect in the pictures. If you aren’t happy about striking certain poses, ask your photographer to come up with some other idea. The key is to be comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera, and your photos will look amazing. The best pictures are in fact candid shots, where you needn’t even look at the camera. So, just ignore the camera unless your photographer instructs you to look at it. The only exception is for posed portrait shots when you should be facing the camera.

5. Relax and have a good time

You will look most photogenic in pictures that capture your personality! Keep this in mind and be yourself on your wedding day. Don’t be obsessed with the camera. Just relax, have fun, and trust your photographer to do the rest. Enjoy every special moment, and your wedding pictures will also reflect the happiness and joy at your wedding.

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