How To Pick Photos For an Album

Your Wedding Photographer has sent you a hard disk full of photos. It is fantastic to see the big day all over again and the photos look amazing. But the problem arises when there are over 1000s of images to choose from. How on Earth are you going to choose the best one for your album?

The best album tells a story. They’re not a minute-by-minute account of every smile and every pose, they show the highlights of your day, the parts you’ll most want to remember.

1. Vary your choice

You’ll inevitably end up with a lot of similar photos, so avoid replicas and try to select the best few from each part of the day: getting ready, traveling to and arriving at the venue, the ceremony itself, drinks reception, and so on.

2. Select Best of the Best

The more photos you try to cram in then the smaller they will have to be and the design will look messy. Professional companies like Photo Productions use ‘lay-flat’ pages, which allow your photos to be displayed right across the spread, so the fewer photos you have the bigger they can be, and the more impact they’ll make when the album is opened.

3. Don’t worry about the orientation

Any reputable photography company offering a professional design service won’t mind if your photos have been taken in portrait or landscape – they’ll ensure the photos flow and the design looks great either way.

4. Quality not quantity

Definitely true for wedding albums. Enlarge your photos on the screen to check they don’t blur and pixelate. If they do then they won’t look so great when printed. Don't worry about the dark and light images, if you like the image select it. It's the job of the photographer or designer to color correct it and make it printable. Your Selection should be precise. Keep Only close family members and friends.

So that’s how to choose the best photos for your wedding album. Putting a little time in now can reap big rewards, and you’ll end up with a fantastic album full of memories that you’ll treasure forever.

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