Simplifying the Photo Selection Process for Your Wedding Album. The ASC Way

You'll experience a rollercoaster of emotions the moment we send over your final collection of wedding photos. First, you're thrilled, then you're mesmerized, and finally, you're terrified.

How on earth will you choose just a selection of these gorgeous images to include in your wedding album? If you've been putting off the task of making a memorable photo book because you're paralyzed by the options, start here.

Identify Your Audience

It's only natural for every single photo to be your favorite, but instead of thinking about what you'd like to see, We suggest thinking about everyone else who will flip through your album.

"Think about the viewer as someone who didn't attend the wedding and is just seeing the images for the first time". With this in mind, you'll be better able to determine which snaps are iconic and which are just pretty.

Once you have identified your audience, select one image of everyone whom you want to add in your wedding album. Share that with your photographer or us (If You booked us to cover your special day). They will take care of the remaining part.

Why do we ask all of our clients just to identify the audience and share it with us?

Firstly, it reduces a lot of tension from the client's part. Secondly, being an experienced photography firm we know better on which image should go in one's album. Once the identified image comes we start the selection process based on that.

Last but most important, we are here to serve you. It is our job to help you in every step of the process.

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