What to Wear on your Pre Wedding Shoot

Well, let's address this, the title is the most common question we get from our clients. So we thought to solve this once in for all. From a photographer’s point of view, we help assist you in understanding which colors, styles, and patterns work, while which really don’t. You would want your outfit to not only make you look good but feel good too. Fortunately, it’s simpler than it may seem and before you know it, you’d be all set to face the cameras with your most vibrant smile.

But the idea for a prewedding shoot is not to make you look a certain way that doesn’t come naturally to you. A prewedding shoot should be designed to make you feel comfortable. So comfortable, in fact, that you forget there’s a camera at all. The focus should always be on your chemistry with your partner and capturing those special moments that come naturally between you two.

This is what we tell our clients. As much as you’d want to wear something stunning and look your best, what really shines through those pictures is the love you share. But there are a few tips we always recommend to ensure that nothing else (not even your clothes!) overshadow what truly matters.

1. Colour, Coordination, and Combination

Select and coordinate the outfits in terms of colors and balance. Discuss with each other about what you’re wearing. We always recommend solid colors that compliment your skin-tone and sense of style. Delicate patterns look good too, but you have to be mindful of not picking bold colors or large patterns. When selecting your outfits, choose colors that complement each other, and go for classic combos instead of trendy ones that might look dated in the years to come.

2. Comfort Before Style

As much as you’re tempted to pick out something that oozes style, remember that a slit cut too high or a strap tad to lose will do more harm than good. We always encourage you to pick comfort before all else. Remember that a prewedding shoot can span hours and if your outfit is tight or flimsy, the discomfort will reflect on your expression. More importantly, fixing your outfit will take you away from the moment you’re in with your partner. Choose clothes that are not only stunning but also easy to carry and walk around in. Be prepared for some creative posing – maybe jumping, lying down or spinning around could be involved! Being relaxed and confident will definitely show in your shots, make sure you own that confidence.

3. Keep thing Timeless in White

4. Minimize Your Accessories

An engagement ring is a perfect accessory to a prewedding shoot. It’s a great way to announce your impending union in style and can be the focus of some pictures. We also recommend carrying your sunglasses if the sky suddenly seems unfavorable with harsh sunlight. If you want to wear jewelry, we recommend small pieces that don’t overshadow your natural glow. If something is crucial to the story of your love, we would highly encourage you to include it in your ensemble. Perhaps a watch you gave your partner or shoes that you wore on your first date together. It could even be a perfume that means something to you two – not everything is for the photographs, some things are purely for you two to reminisce on – so make the best out of this time!

5. Don't Stick to Casual Cool

We always recommend to our clients to keep one formal dress (Red and Black). The reason behind this is, the formals look elegant and stylish especially in sunsets. Also, our client gets every possible outfit covered in their pre-wedding collection.

6. Going Location Specific

If the location is the focus for your prewedding shoot, you may want to align your choice of dress that compliments your location. For historical sites, ethnic wear looks stunning – while for a café, a cute dress is a charm. Also, think about the weather and how it may change during the course of the shoot. We also recommend carrying a change of clothes (or two!) in case you feel like a fresh outfit, or if you accidentally spoil the one you’ve picked.

7. Blend in for Dreamy Effect

Instead of standing out, how about coordinating with your location?

8. Planning and Consulting

Once you have preliminary options in place, feel free to discuss with your photographer what they would recommend you choose. As much as you might love an outfit, the photographer can assist you in understanding what would look good in photographs and make for better pictures. Try to narrow down to 2-3 choices instead of having too many outfits at hand. Try them all out before the shoot so you’re comfortable with how they look on you. We also encourage you to take a picture or two (selfies work!) and see how it looks in photographs. It always helps to be able to envision an outfit before you wear it for the shoot – to ensure you’re dressed in a way that you feel you're most confident.

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