Why Wedding Album is Important?

Today we’d like to talk to you about wedding albums. A lot of the things we talk about on the blog are experiences and information we pick up as a wedding photographer, or as  a wedding planner, or through talking to my industry friends.

A good album is so important. Why? Well we shall tell you

An album is what you will look at time and time again, you will get the album out and show relatives and friends. You will get it out on anniversaries and look through the pages, you will show your children and in years to come you will show your grandchildren. Looking at the images via pendrive on your computer or ipad just isn’t the same.

Pendrives won’t last forever, they get lost, scratched, broken and with technology moving as fast as it is who is to say how long we will be able to use them for?\

You hired a professional to take the photos so why not hire a professional to print the photos? Your photographer will be able to print out the images into a book at a high quality that will do the original photo justice.


Now we know there a many of you out there on a  budget and you may feel a wedding album is just one more thing to add to the ever-growing wedding budget. Albums can start at as little as 10000 INR and go up to as much as you want to spend, depending on the size, make and how many pages you choose. The beauty of the album is it’s something you  can order once the wedding is over, so not something you have to pay for straight away. You can choose the album 6 months after the wedding, with some photographers allowing a year to choose and pay for one. Why not consider using some of you wedding present money to put towards the album?

Our View

We think photographs are meant to be experienced. When you buy a wedding album – you are buying the experience that your children, grandchildren (and even ancestors!) will have with your memories. They will flip the pages and debate who was who. They will laugh at the fashions and marvel at how much they looked like you. This is just not the same when you are viewing photos on your computer or television screen. It all becomes image – you miss the experience. In our opinion you just can’t compare an image on screen to a professionally printed image. There is something about seeing it on paper, being able to touch it, having something physical in your hands. Seeing that finished product is magic and for me, well obviously we love to see our images printed in a beautiful handcrafted album. We know that it is going to be treasured and brought out at family gatherings, proudly shown off to friends and eventually passed down to the next generation so they can laugh at (and eventually copy) the fashions

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